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Corporate Services

Successful meetings are the result of meticulous planning, attention to detail and professional on-site coordination.

Let Semico corporate meeting management services, focus on your long-term goals and delivery of your event calendar while you focus on what you do best.

Our management team has a proven track record in managing highly successful projects, providing clear, concise and statistic based monitoring and evaluation, ensuring delivery of the agreed provision is of the highest possible quality.

Through our corporate meeting services, we manage every aspect of your meeting discreetly, present onsite at all times throughout your meeting to coordinate all activities, ready to respond instantaneously to any challenge or unexpected issues, and able to quickly find solutions. You need keen professional eyes on the scene, able to act wisely, yet decisively. We are on-site before, during, and after your event, to make sure that “Every Guest” will have a unique, and memorable experience of your event.

As a corporate meeting management services company, the list of services that we offer include, but is not limited to:

  • Budget control & Financial Management
  • Venue Sourcing & Contract Negotiation
  • Hotel Management

  • Website Creation

  • Guest Registration

  • On-site Event Management
  • Security & VIP Handling, Protocol
  • Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts

  • Food & Beverage Planning

  • Audio Visual Management
& Production
  • Communication, Mailing Design & Signage

  • Off-site Program Management

  • Logistics & Travel
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment and Minimization
  • Sustainable Event Management
  • Sales Meetings
  • Product Launches

Keep your eyes on your business
Semico will carefully source and then bring together the very best of services, products and venues around the globe. Moreover, our company's independence ensures that we contract only those services and products which maintain the highest standards of excellence.
We will plan strategically with you, events are our core business.

Keeping your event on budget
The first step in the budget process isn’t even financial. It’s to understand your company’s goals for the event. Every organization is different, every company has its own unique needs and we know how to help you discover what your true bottom-line goals are for your meeting or event, and how to budget appropriately to get you to those goals.

Event Registration
The registration process is likely to be the first real interaction attendees will have with the event host – the overall impression the event will leave in their minds begins right here. A pleasant and trouble-free registration process opens the door to a positive event feeling. Our years of experience in the industry and highly respected reputation as key players, mean that we are always in the loop, always on top of new developments and innovations and always ready to put your event registration process on a fast track to efficiency, ease and success.

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