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A drive for excellence is a drive for continuous innovation…

Implementing technology in the meeting industry is and has always been one of the central goals of Semico. We fully understand that technology can make events, congresses and meeting even more exciting for the participants. Where congresses in the past were reduced to the restricted timeframe of the congress itself, today’s events have been given a ‘before’ and ‘after’ life.

Technology, be it through social media or other new channels, has made it possible for the participant to prepare better and in more depth his or her contribution to the meeting. Months before the first presentations, people can discuss issues and form working groups, thus impacting on the congress in more ways than ever.

The birth of congress App’s for iPhone, iPad and smartphones in general, made it possible for the individual delegate to construct his own personal programme by selecting sessions and topics. By-the-way, not using paper-based invitations and programme books is also possible thanks to technology and the world wide web… Semico has decided to encourage all it customers to take on board the congress app as a standard element. We strongly believe that even smaller congresses need to take full advantage of these new technical opportunities.

Whenever possible Semico strives to use the e-Poster systems instead of the classical paper posters. Again next to the fact that we can save a lot of trees, there are so much more advantages attached to this innovation. More people get that so needed possibility to present a presentation, there is more interaction between author and public, the e-Posters will continue to be available after the actual meeting.

After implementing these small steps in up-grading the congresses, we want to take full advantage of the opportunities that the concept of Hybrid meetings is offering. There is no reason not to expend the impact of our clients’ event to those whom can not be physically present at the congress venue.

Continuous innovation will help us to achieve excellence as we already did in the past.
15 years ago we used slides and slide projectors… Now we present with iPads and HD projectors, use video conferences , live transmissions and web streaming on a regular basis and use our smartphones to vote and consult the programme , abstracts…

As we are passionate in everything we do, we will never stop to innovate.

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